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Incorporating a thriving real world utility into a CNFT project

Latest News from the team:

(1) SAC announces private fundraising with friends and family (2) SAC announces private investors and VC fundraising (3) SAC Big Succes to Cardano Summit 2023 Dubai
(4) SAC Sucessful sponsors at Cardano Summit Community Led Event in Taipei
(5) SAC announces YEPPLE as $ ALPHA pre-sale mint partner

Vision Statement

"Harnessing the power of the blockchain to bring betting in ALL major sports worldwide to web 3 accessible to the biggest and best crypto ecosystems and NFT tokens"

Mission Statement

"Building a platform that provides the smoothest of betting experiences in a gradually increasing number of sports worldwide, offering the very best global sports betting and individual betting statistics and information"

Lots of opportunities to win pre-sale WL, OG spots & raffles for Membership Cards

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SAC Roadmap

SAC Roadmap


  • ➡ Project over 1 year old since Discord open (Opened May 2022)
  • ➡ Minted Membership Cards (MC) Sep 22
  • ➡ Funds used to build Coinflip & prep foundations for betting platform

Stage II

  • ➡ Revised tokenomics and produce investor pitchdeck. - ONGOING
  • ➡ Create new website, new whitepaper, new sportsbook -ONGOING
  • ➡ Register company in Panama - ONGOING
  • ➡ Private investment fundraise (friends & family) - target 10 January 24
  • ➡ Private investors and VCS - target February 24
  • ➡ Marketing preps for token pre-sale - ONGOING
  • $ALPHA pre-sale + DEX launch - Target March 24
  • ➡ De-Fi protocols- enhance value for $ALPHA
  • ➡ Betting platform build - Target V1.0 complete May 24
  • ➡ Initiate sports betting on Discord server using $ALPHA: IMMEDIATELY AFTER $ALPHA LAUNCH ON DEX

Stage III

  • ➡ Obtaining gaming license in Panama June 24
  • ➡ Initiate $ALPHA sports betting on platform - Target May 24
  • ➡ Incorporate all 5 major US leagues - NFL, college Football, NBA, College Basketball, Soccer (Different leagues) - Target Jul 24
  • ➡ Initiate monthly revenue payments to MC holders - Target September 24
  • ➡ Launch $ALPHA on CEX - Target September

Stage IV

  • ➡ Incorporate partner CNFT project tokens for sports betting
  • ➡ Wolfpack NFT collection mint
  • ➡ Marketing - Global Brand recognition
  • ➡ Incorporate international sports to betting platform - MLB (Baseball), Soccer expansion, Tennis, UFC (ultimate Fighting Championship), NHL (Hockey), Golf + Major regional sports
  • ➡ Expand platform use to other crypto ecosystems - ETH, SOL, MATIC, ALGO, ETC

SAC Projected Revenue Growth

Market share = 1/1000th of 1% of global market (0.001%)
$ Million

Year of Revenue Income

1 / 100th of 1% Annual Growth Rate (0.01%)

  • Global betting market analysis provides a solid basis on which to assess potential SAC revenue & growth.
  • Despite 1st mover advantage in the CNFT & crypto space, the team have chosen an exceedingly cautious projection for SAC.
  • A VERY CONSERVATIVE market share of just 1/1000th of 1% of the global sports betting market and an Annual Growth Rate of just 1/100th of 1% have been used.
  • Sports Alpha Club over the next 10 years will grow in annual revenue from $875,200 in 2024 to $267M in 2030

The $ALPHA token